NUDM 2015 recap

    Welcome to the post-DM world, filled with a little less Uptown Funk but a lot more sleep. Whether you survived the crazy 30 hours or just want to see the best moments from DM, check out our 2015 Dance Marathon site here for the best photos, polls and GIFs of your friends dancing.

    Here are some highlights from our coverage:

    • Sex or Shower Recap: As part of an age-old NBN tradition, we polled dancers every block to see if they would rather have sex or a shower. The results were a little disturbing.
    • Block 10 best photos: Tears, Andy's custard and more, all in photo form.
    • Go-Pro videos: Feel like you were a part of DM with our Go-Pro videos: We went into the tent during Block 1 and during Sandstorm.
    • Make your own DM experience: We created a generator for the various activities that go on in the tent.
    • DM Q&A Roundup: We sat down with various DM Co-chairs during DM to hear what they love about their jobs.
    • DM in Snapchats: Because Snapchat is when the true emotions come out.


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