#NUDM tweet roundup: Block 2

    Three more hours of DM 2012 and the tweets are still coming. Here are a handful of #NUDM Tweets from Block 2.

    @NUDM assuming they don’t play living on a prayer again, this dj is killing it right now #NUDM - @gwingcommander

    Hold up. Stop right there. Getting to hear “Living on a Prayer” would be nothing short of a blessing to the dancers. I think it’s almost necessary for morale to provide some Bon Jovi at least once per block. Come on.

    #NUDM causing me to get kicked out of the library at midnight on a Friday night…What are our lives @kevinmcdougal #kate #madaus - @Nicholas_Arcos

    Hey, man, you’ve done a good job. Congrats on sticking it out in the library until midnight. How about we call it a day for you? Go home, turn on some Netflix — I hear Iron Man 2 is on Instants now — and call it a day.

    “You guys, my roommates are watching Serenity and my cat is enthralled” #productions #NUDM - @justgrANNEd

    Not sure what this has to do with anything, but I can appreciate the excellent taste in movies your cat has.

    45 sec dance cameo at #NUDM means I can die happy - @danieljluebke

    Hey, good on you, man. I’m still waiting to see if my friend in there succeeds in eating her 300 cookies.

    just tried to fast forward through the #NUDM live stream. whoops. - @thezachgray

    Wow. Well done. Maybe it’s time you get some shut-eye, slugger.


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