NUPD chases after rogue taxi thief

    Look familiar? Evidently way cooler stuff happens on campus when we’re asleep. Screenshot from WGN.

    While you were busy worrying about whether Evanston would evict you from your actual brothel, campus became the scene of a medium-speed chase. Early Wednesday morning, WGN’s SKYCAM 9 chopper picked up on a runaway taxi thief speeding through Chicago’s northern suburbs. And once SKYCAM 9 has you in her sights, she won’t fucking let you go.

    The taxi entered campus up around Tech and headed south, NUPD vehicles in hot pursuit. The feed cut out for a moment as the cab passed the Rock. When the video came back on, the police were gone.

    But don’t worry, guys. SKYCAM 9 was on this.

    CBS Chicago reports that the joyride began after the suspect attempted to rob a Subway sandwich joint in Des Plaines. The cashier fought him off with a bread knife, at which point the suspect took the keys from the cab driver waiting outside and zipped away. The chase ended in Rogers Park, MyFoxChicago says, after the taxi nailed a school bus, and the driver was overrun by the police.

    Money quote comes about 8 minutes into the WGN video: “Boy, that looks almost like a pathway through the campus there. I don’t even know if that’s a road.” Same thing I think every time that Odwalla truck tries to make deliveries by Crowe Cafe.

    Hat tip: Dean of Students Burgie Howard, who chewed me out for not knowing this happened. Last night, on the phone, in disbelief, he says, What? You’re a news organization!


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