NuTango demonstrates sweet, sweet dance moves
  • A family sits outside to enjoy their gelato as the store grows more crowded.
  • Each instructor takes an eager student and teaches them how to tango.
  • Tango dancers have specific footwear. Women wear open-toed short heels while men use flat dress shoes.
  • Customers coming in and out of Frio Gelato enjoy dance demonstrations as they order off an extensive gelato menu.
  • The instructors of NuTango take the dance floor before the store gets too full.

Frio Gelato, the Evanston gelato shop located at 517 Dempster Street, celebrated its reopening April 15 by inviting local NuTango instructors to demonstrate dance steps in the store. Traditional and alternative tango music filled the shop as customers ordered gelato and watched the dancers. Some were brave enough to test out the tango themselves.


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