Obama's dog breed pick: Portuguese Water Dog

    And the debate is over. The First Family has decided to get a Portuguese Water Dog. Sorry goldendoodle, your time will come. Lets get to know the Portuguese Water Dog, shall we?

    Yes, they are adorable. Other fun fact – the dogs once existed all along Portugal’s coast, where they were taught to herd fish into nets. And hey, they still enjoy the water!

    The Portuguese Water Dog doesn’t shed, which played a crucial role in the Obama’s decision, as daughter Malia is alergic. And, even better, the Portuguese Water Dog Club of America says they make great companions.

    Obama booster and U.S. Senator Ted Kennedy also owns a Portuguese Water Dog – two actually, Sunny and Splash. He loves them so much (well, at least Splash) that he wrote a children’s book about them.

    More videos! This is going to be our First Pup, after all.

    Here is one frolicking in Lake Michigan.

    One last video! Hail to the pup!


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