Observe and Report surprises even those who made it

    In Jody Hill’s newest movie, Observe and Report, comedians Seth Rogen and Anna Faris give shopping malls a whole new perspective as they expose a contained world of flashers, police fights and epic insanity. Best known for his lovable, lazy, weed-smoking characters, Seth Rogen takes a turn to the dark side. Rogen plays Ronnie Barnhardt, the overzealous, slightly crazy, head of security at the Forest Ridge Mall. His day to shine comes when he is called upon to stop a flasher. With his flashlight, taser and modified golf cart, Ronnie is on a mission to capture the flasher while showcasing his underrated police talents and winning the heart of his elusive dream girl Brandi (Anna Faris), the hot makeup counter clerk. Faris, who launched her career with Scary Movie and recently starred in The House Bunny, has made playing the ditzy, idiotic blonde into a fine art. Her talent is even more apparent in her portrayal of Brandi, who is by far the most bizarre character she has ever played.

    Despite the hilarity and absurdity of the movie, Observe and Report ultimately serves to explore the twisted mind of Rogen’s character Ronnie. According to Hill, inspiration for the film came from character pieces from the 1970’s dealing with themes of isolation and loneliness. The movie pushes the limits so much with its pervasive language and raunchy, vomit-filled sex. Rogen, Faris and Hill participated in a college press conference and talked about masturbation, drinking games and the meaning behind the film.

    Photos courtesy of Warner Brothers. Production by Kat Wong, Patrick St. Michel, Tom Giratikanon and Sisi Wei / North by Northwestern.


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