Ode to woe

    Image by Arthur Dove on Wikimedia Commons. Licensed under Creative Commons.

    The praise of joy is often put to rhyme,

    but I'd get sick of days with only light.

    The songs I love are those that make me cry,

    the days are meaningless without the night.

    Some days it is a battle to get dressed,

    but the sun shines brighter after thunderstorms.

    I've always had to fight for happiness,

    and I appreciate it all the more.

    Even on days when it seems hard to live,

    those days where I don't have the strength to try,

    because I'm sad, I have more joy to give,

    and without sadness, I wouldn't feel alive.

    Although it's not as if I got to choose.
    Some days I'd like to just be happy, too.


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    Haley Grindle, Oct. 26, 2017