Oh hot sauce, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways...
    Photo by Geoff Hill / North by Northwestern.

    What liquid has strong enough force,
    to make even the toughest throats hoarse?
    When dining halls run dry,
    we can’t help but cry.
    The answer: Sriracha, of course!

    First comes the flicker, then comes the flame,
    then the inferno nothing can tame.
    This sounds much like fire,
    but you’ll come to admire,
    Sriracha is nearly the same.

    Sriracha’s the hottest around.
    It’s truly the best to be found.
    Other brands I can see,
    but it’s plain to me,
    Sriracha beats them to the ground.

    Tabasco has a nice kick.
    Frank’s RedHot is good for a lick.
    But measuring it out,
    there can be no doubt,
    Sriracha’s the hot sauce to pick.

    Most people, when in Jakarta,
    would rather buy a katana,
    or a shell from the sea,
    or a carved banyan tree,
    but me, I’ll just take some Sriracha.

    Sriracha sauce is the bomb,
    I got some from my mom.
    I love it forever,
    no matter the weather,
    I may even ask it to prom.

    At 1835 & Plex, you often hide your face,
    but Frank’s RedHot and Tabasco cannot replace.
    How warm you keep me when days get short…
    and how, within a blink, you improve a meal of any sort.
    Because, Sriracha, my love for you is more than that of taste.

    California: where it’s from.
    Ingredient: Xanthan Gum.
    No heat like this…
    The taste is bliss…
    It’s Sriracha! Now give me some.

    Without you, I’d be at a loss,
    I’m so lucky our paths did cross.
    Whether on eggs or meat,
    you make food complete.
    I love you, Sriracha sauce.

    Ben Segal, Geoff Hill, and Kevin Shepherd contributed their poetic talents for this piece.


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