Olsen twins learn to write!

    After dominating the tween demographic with straight-to-video movies, a Wal-Mart clothing line, perfume, make-up, furniture (ah, I have to stop, my head is spinning), the Olsen twins are now adding “authors” to their expansive resumes. Their book, entitled Influence, will concentrate on fashion; specifically the fashions and designers that have influenced (get it? clever title right?) their style over the years. It will also include interviews and photographs of the twins.

    To save everyone some time and cash, I’ve stolen the book and summarized its contents:

    Page One: “Hey, we’re Mary-Kate and Ashley. Olsen, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. We’re twins, but don’t call us the Olsen twins because we’re individuals now.”

    Page Two: “We’re really inspired by people who wear baggy shirts.”

    Page Three: “Mary-Kate is a dictator. -Ashley”

    Page Four: “Skinny jeans, skinny jeans inspire us as well.”

    Page Five: “Did we mention we starred in New York Minute?”

    The rest of the book is a bunch of scribbles from their Full House days and pictures of Mary-Kate partying with Paris.


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