On shoulders

    But on his own two feet the sandy wind could rush along his drying skin or hit him and he could trip on that sun beaten driftwood that’s seen salty years or stumbling too fast along the tide splish splashing and falling into the foamy tide he’d be upset
    But he flees these perils
    And he awkwardly climbs your angled mass to safety until he rests plumply on your shoulders that have now become his palisades
    And he giggles
    Because he is safe from all those dangers in the world on your shoulders
    you two just look out unto the never ending water
    And so calmly do you view the bluest sky
    With the gentlest clouds lazily drifting by
    And the rhythmic tide soothes your souls for this slowest moment you two can forget about what happened to her and the struggle ahead and just enjoy this beautifully focused display of earth’s myriad wonders because he knows that he can count on you


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