One hot trend, one dead trend

    Confused on what’s cool and what’s old news on the Internet nowadays? Still forwarding that “video with the two girls and the cup?” Still laugh at lolcats? All your base are belong to who? Yeah, you need some new moves. You’ve probably missed one of the hotter videos making the internet rounds as of late, a clip of a three-year-old girl explaining Star Wars This one picked up steam late last week, and may already be outdated, but no reason you can’t see it.

    As for Internet trends officially past their prime, look no further than the tired concept of Pirates vs. Ninjas. The idea was both are super cool, and if they fought, it would be totally sweet. OK, neat, I laughed at this in the 10th grade. But, thanks to countless Facebook applications and films later, the concept seems way overplayed, and stupid. Don’t tell these guys, who made the front page of YouTube.

    To quote one of the comments: “Get a girlfriend.”


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