One-second ad: if you missed it

    If you read through NBN’s liveblog of the Super Bowl commercials, one of our biggest complaints was the missing Miller High Life one-second ad. The brew company bought up ad time for various one second ads. Yet, I didn’t see any of them during the game tonight.

    Well, upon further review, turns out Budweiser might possibly be to blame for the ad not showing. Bud is the official beer of the NFL, so they get the prime spots. Miller had to go through the local NBC affiliates for ad time and, though I find it hard to believe, they might have just missed the Chicago market. That’s the only reason I can think of for the spot not airing.

    Anyway, regardless of why I (or any of my friends) didn’t see it, Miller is showing it (and a few other one-second ads) up on their website. And, after watching the super short ad…I can definitely say it’s the best ad of the night. Different, attention-grabbing and pretty funny when you think about it. Basically, better than the slew of crap every other company had tonight. In case you are too lazy to click that link or aren’t 21, the one-second clip is below.

    Did anyone in the Chicago area see this? Especially in Evanston? Here are the ads that “didn’t make the cut,” if you want some more second-long goodness.


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