Our childhood returns in spin-offs

    When I first heard the rumors that a Boy Meets World spin-off was in the works, I very understandably almost soiled my you-know-whats with excitement. Between the original Topanga and Cory Matthews signing on and Life Size 2 in the works, spin-offs are defiantly storming the airwaves, letting us know that they're back. Maybe I’m just wearing my nostalgia-tinted glasses today, but let’s face it: the TV shows of our youth were a hundred times more awesome than the garbage kids watch today (here’s looking at you, So Random and Victorious). The good old shows of our youth featured characters that we could relate to, whose main concerns weren't about fame, but struggles with school, friends and family that were all too real to us. Bringing these shows back would draw the viewership of not only the '80s and '90s kids who grew up with Cory and Topanga, but also their younger siblings, cousins and even children who are tragically growing up with the likes of Big Time Rush. TV execs are finally realizing that maybe recycling doesn’t have to be such a bad thing. So hey, if any Hollywood big shots are out there and listening, here are a few awesome shows that could use equally awesome spin-offs:

    Kim Possible
    A high school cheerleader by day and kick-ass crime fighter by night, Kim Possible was the shit. Lord knows I love me a strong, empowering female role model, and Kim was an inspiration. Kim Possble balanced the right amount of action and mystery with humor, romance and the every day drama of growing up, so that the show was both exciting and relatable. Plus, though I was always a big Kim+Ron 4ever fan, Ron and Rufus had something special. So, what’s the sitch?

    The Spin-off: Kim and Ron are married, of course. Their daughter, Monica (Mon for short), has taken up the family trade of kicking international crime’s butt. Here’s the kicker: Shego and Dr. Drakken also have a son, who happens to be a world-renowned villain, and Mon’s classmate. The two attend high school together in Middleton, awkwardly straddling the line between arch-nemeses and love interests. So the drama.

    Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide
    Hilarity. Wit. Coconut Head. Ned’s Declassified was a ridiculously underrated show. Expertly combining wacky antics with sagely advice, NDSSG made you laugh, but also gave some pretty useful tips on how to survive the strange and awkward years that were middle school. But hey, college can be strange and awkward too, right? And this brings me to the proposal that a college edition of Ned’s Declassified would be completely awesome.

    The Spin-off: Ned, Cookie and Moze say goodbye to middle school and hello to college. Ned’s advice would feature everything from getting internships and pulling all nighters for a big exam to handling one-night stands with class and dignity. Wait, can this show please happen?

    Freaks and Geeks
    For those who have seen even a single episode of Freaks and Geeks, this is a no-brainer. Featuring an all-star cast and developed by Judd Apatow (you know, the guy who made Superbad, Anchorman, Bridesmaids and almost every highly hilarious quotable movie of the last ten years), Freaks and Geeks was somehow cancelled after only one season. The series followed high schooler Lindsey Weir and her “freak” friends, as well as her brother Sam and his friends, the “geeks.”

    The Spin-off: Recently laid off from her job in the city and facing an existential crisis due to her lack of direction, Lindsey reluctantly returns home to attend her 10-year high school reunion. Here, she reconnects with the freaks, who she hasn’t seen since graduation. They remind her there is more to life than working 60 hours a week. Meanwhile, Sam and his buddies are living it up in Silicon Valley, working for the likes of Facebook and Google, and finally getting the appreciation they deserve. They occasionally return home with flashy cars and girls. Honestly, I'm not entirely sure what sort of direction the show would take, but it would definitely have the best cast on television.


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