SafeRide's Twitter is so, so sassy

    In an homage to Josh Groban’s singing of Kanye’s tweets on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Alexis Sanchez and Will Wilhelm team up to sing odes to SafeRide. Production by Krislyn Placide / North by Northwestern.

    If you ever stumble upon SafeRide’s Twitter or Facebook feeds, you will soon realize that the stream of tweets is not just a way for SafeRide to let the student body know how long the wait is. They are also a channel of aggressive anger. And although the tweets get pretty rowdy, it’s amusing to readers keeping up with the emotional ups and downs of SafeRide every night. Let’s take a look at some of the more laughable tweets:

    SafeRide, the protector of broken hearts! Here we have SafeRide directing its anger toward jerks who can’t break up with their girlfriends over at least a nice dinner. Let’s see if they took the guy back to where he asked — or if they dropped him off in the seedy underbelly of Evanston as punishment.

    But I only have eyes for you, SafeRide! You have enchanted me with your interior leather upholstery and shiny orange lights! How could I ever leave you for the shuttle?

    What happened to the SafeRide confidentiality rule? The one where SafeRide would just pick up passengers and not ask questions. Oh wait, that’s for lawyers. But really, if we tell you the truth, are our secrets safe?

    The use of caps is intimidating and showcases SafeRide’s obvious anger towards people unwilling to walk through snow to get to their destinations. However most people are cold and would probably respond with this meme when reading this tweet.

    Guess this won’t actually work, guys. I wonder how the operator reacted when he suddenly answered the line and there were voices yelling at him saying “PICKUP!” Oh wait, he tweeted his amusement.

    Does this apply to pants and/or undergarments? If this happens, then I know some people who might not be able to use SafeRide anymore.

    The angst in this tweet is comparable to those of Northwestern students finding out Selena Gomez is indeed not on campus. It seems as the winter as touched ye ole SafeRide and what is usually communicated in caps and exclamation marks has now transformed to simple bitterness.

    I’m not even quite sure what a cistern is. But props to SafeRide for condemning those trying to use rape as a method to getting a faster pick up time. I think for once we are more amused by the person itself than SafeRide’s tweet about them.

    There must have been a lot of kids calling for SafeRides for a tweet to come up about this. And I’m sure those kids still kept on asking for rides from Plex to 805 Noyes, even after the tweet. Not sure what SafeRide is supposed to expect.

    I could see some people trying to play it off as if Subway has some late-night deal to try to trick operators into coming and getting them. A better idea would probably blame late night shenanigans at the Best Western for a pick up from Sherman and Lake.

    Any good tweets we missed? Post them in the comments.


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