Palin acts like The New Yorker, calls Obama a terrorist

    Sarah Palin doesn’t think Barack Obama is a terrorist, just that he hangs around “with terrorists who target their own country.” She made the accusations yesterday, following the release of a New York Times article that acknowledged that Obama had worked with the founder of a terrorist group in the past.

    The basis of her allegation comes from meetings the candidate had with Bill Ayers, a founder of the terrorist group Weather Underground. Unfortunately, Palin read the New York Times wrong. The Times said that while the men had met, they did not seem to have been close. She also apparently forgot that Obama was 8 years old when Ayers committed his terrorist actions.

    To be clear: both men live in Hyde Park, and Obama claims that he ran into him last year. But living in the same neighborhood in Chicago does not make you besties.

    This is just another desperate attempt by the McCain campaign to draw attention from the failing economy in light of slipping poll numbers. Basically, Palin can’t talk about her own policies–she doesn’t have any–or Obama’s policies–she doesn’t understand them–so she tries to question his moral character. Politics as usual?


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