Pandas falling down

    Don’t let that headline fool you — no pandas were actually harmed in any of these videos. At least I don’t think so. Regardless, these clips are wonderful, regardless of how much panda pain was needed to achieve it. This first panda was definitely okay though — he had another panda as a cushion.

    This fall looks a tad more painful, but bear dude gets up at the end and seems fine. Plus, you get bonus footage of pandas eating, so totally worth it!

    This panda doesn’t really fall as much as he just ends up on his head. Whatever. My post, my rules.

    Geez, someone made a whole montage of a panda cub falling down? Applaud this person.

    Finally, these pandas fall down a slide. The best part about this is that the pandas are apparently part of something called “panda kindergarten,” which sounds like the best thing ever.


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