PDT reclaims Rock in mid-day painting
    PDT’s painting of the Rock
    The Rock with its new inscription. Photo by the author | North by Northwestern

    Anyone walking past the Rock Wednesday may have noticed that the mysterious and messily-painted "Loj" had been replaced by an even more mysterious marking of barely-distinguishable letters.

    NBN has learned that credit for this paint job belongs to brothers of Phi Delta Theta, who Tuesday afternoon wrote "PDT" on the Rock to re-represent their fraternity after the "Loj" painters had covered the work of their pledges without guarding it beforehand.

    “Our pledges had camped out at the Rock for 30 hours, but the next day it said Lodge instead," said a Phi Delta Theta brother who helped paint the Rock Tuesday. He asked to remain anonymous because he, like the previous painters, marked the Rock without having guarded it. "The rules are in place to make sure everyone gets a fair turn on the Rock. But like Lodge, we're not above ignoring the rules in certain circumstances.”

    While Phi Delts were frustrated that their pledges' project had been painted over, he said that the paint job was not meant to start a rivalry with the recently disbanded fraternity.

    ”This painting wasn't even a frat vs frat thing. It probably should have been, but theirs had already been there for five days," he said. "We painted it to show certain brothers that you can plan to do something for a week, or you can just do it in 20 minutes.”


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