Pets for Obama

    I want this upcoming week to fly by. Not because I want the taste of yesterday’s humiliating loss to Indiana to go away (though I do), but because I can’t wait any longer for the presidential election to get here. The past four months have been driving me insane, and now that I’ve mailed my absentee ballot in, I just want this bizarre campaign to end and the Nov. 4 results to come in already. Preferably with America choosing the better candidate.

    As much as I never want to hear about the “Bradley effect” again, this campaign has given us a few awesome gifts besides Tina Fey’s Palin impression. Chief among them, pro-Obama pet videos, like the one below. Yes, this clip features a song more appropriate for a Disney C-sides CD, but just mute it and look at all the pets staring at the camera.

    In another example of creepiness, the next video features an “impassioned Chihuahua” stumping for Obama. Spoiler alert: it’s two minutes of a guy holding and voicing his dog. Some pretty weird puppeteering (or should I say puppyteering!) in this video, but cute/Obama-tastic all the same.

    Tons of puppies apparrently support Obama. But what about the rural animals, the horses and chickens of America? Thank God someone made this video to answer that question.

    Now before some of you jerks start asking “what about the pets for McCain videos?”, I regret to inform you none exist. No animals on YouTube support John McCain, tough luck. Sure, some of his supporters might have the intelligence of a sea slug, but no animals endorse the guy. This video is the closest I could come to finding any adorable critters supporting McCain, and it’s just his own dogs interrupting an interview.

    OK, time for the truth. The whole reason I made this post was because I wanted to post the next video. It features no cute animals, but since the only blog where posting this would make sense isn’t around anymore, I’m cheating and tacking it on at the end of this. The city of Obama, Japan makes an amazing song about the current Democratic presidential candidate. A must watch:

    Barack ‘n’ roll, folks, Barack ‘n’ roll.


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