Piecing together the perfect pop culture president
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    Washington is a mess right now – hell, they can't even figure out how to run a website. Things look bleak and dark, our leaders look lost and careless and our country is just a small step away from complete anarchy (give or take a couple dozen big steps). Now, President's Day is upon us, and the time is nigh to examine what we really need out of a leader, particularly our president. We need someone who meets all of our criteria and checks all our boxes. We need someone perfect.

    In our world, it might be near-impossible to find this individual, but never fear, for the world of popular culture has seen a myriad of expectional leaders. Sure, it would be easy to just take the best man or woman out of these candidates and plug them into the Oval Office, but why settle for just one person when you can bring the best of four different people to the White House? We did exactly that, taking four of the most powerful politicians from film and television, isolating their best traits and combining them to create the ultimate pop-culture mega-president.

    All hail the new chief!

    Production by Nicole Zhu / North by Northwestern.


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