A Willard double with room to spare

    Heather Herzog (McCormick ‘13) and Carol Li (WCAS ‘13) prove that a dorm doesn’t have to feel institutional and sterile. They describe their Willard double as “a comfortable, homey place to relax” that’s also “good for having people over” or studying. Their tips for dorm dwellers? “Bunk your beds,” says Carol. “It makes the room seem more spacious because it frees up a lot of floor space.” Heather suggests having a theme or color scheme in mind ahead of time and bringing artwork or posters to cover your walls. And Carol recommends communicating with your roommate before arriving on campus. With a little teamwork, it’s easy to have a space as sweet as Carol and Heather’s.

    Think your dorm’s got what it takes to be featured? Let us know!

    Photos by Blake Sobczak / North by Northwestern. Production by Emily Kellner / North by Northwestern.


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