Plan those trips into Chicago on Google Maps

    A screenshot of the CTA’s new Google Maps-based trip planner.

    Say goodbye to the CTA’s clunky Trip Planner. Google today launched a service that lets you plan those same Chicago expeditions on Google Maps. It’s not functionally different from the CTA’s version — except that Google Maps is simpler, faster, clearer and more helpful. It also seems better at recognizing addresses. (And will even tell you how much money you’re saving, compared to driving.)

    Considering the CTA’s unfriendly image, it’s nice to see them actually make public transit a little easier. The Chicago Tribune story about the announcement observed the cultural chasm between the CTA and Google:

    The announcement was made in a CTA meeting room that was transformed into a sound stage, complete with loud, pulsating music, pyramids of large colored cubes in Google’s color schemes, futuristic ergodynamic chairs and a large buffet table.


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