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    Photo by Jenny Starrs / North by Northwestern

    Sleep at Northwestern is just like a short line at Norbucks between classes on a Wednesday afternoon: a rare and spiritual experi­ence. Trust us, you need this list. Because today’s the last last time you’ll stay up till 6 a.m. writing a paper, right buddy?

    Judgment scale:

    1. Judge not, that you be not judged
    2. Equivalent to wearing shorts in March
    3. Some shame on some of your family
    4. Casual scoffing
    5. A roll of the eyes
    6. Serious scoffing
    7. Maybe you’ll be in a stranger’s Snapchat
    8. Maybe you’ll be on a stranger’s Instagram
    9. Equivalent to wearing shorts in Chiberia
    10. Hester Prynne status

    McCormick Tribune Student Lounge

    If you can manage to haul yourself up to the second floor of McTrib via the stairs or the slowest elevator on campus in a sleep-de­prived stupor, the student lounge is perfect for a quick nap amidst the Medilldo grad students and undergrad niche publication meetings. Steal some food from the fridge while you’re at it, because there’s nothing like a snack be­fore setting up, like, six alarms on your smart­phone that sound like a crying baby.

    Judgment: 10
    Sleepability: 5

    Sargent Lobby

    Nestled conveniently on North Campus, Sargent’s lobby is chock-full of couches. Great for a casual nap with little commit­ment, this location is good for a post-meal snooze or a pre-meal siesta.

    Judgment: 7
    Sleepability: 4


    This one is full of opportunity if you do it right. Hit the floor or use a few chairs—the choices are slightly less limited than they usually are. Extra points if you play spot-the-liberal-arts-TA while you’re slinking through the halls (hint: beards). Extra extra points if you use 25 Live to figure out which rooms are empty and aren’t anywhere near a six-hour StuCo rehearsal for a musical that has tap numbers.

    Judgment: 2
    Sleepability: 7

    Mudd Library

    The Seeley G. Mudd Library has seen its fair share of exhausted students, but this nap­ping area has two sides to its coin. The first option is one of those weird, uncomfortable plastic chairs that NU has seemingly placed in Mudd just to torment students into sitting up straight. Give your aching buttocks a rest by choosing one of Mudd’s more cushioned options. Either way, Mudd is typically silent.

    Judgment: 1
    Sleepability: 3

    Norris Second Floor

    The striped couches at the top of the flight of stairs to the second floor of Nor­ris are seldom occupied. Their cushioning leaves something to be desired, but the only thing you have to worry about is foot traffic from the people who come to Norris just to slide down the wooden handrails. Plus, if you get some cof­fee before lying down, you can do that thing where you drink the coffee, take a quick nap right after and wake up feeling ener­gized from your slum­ber and the caffeine.

    Judgment: 5
    Sleepability: 7

    Illustration by Daniel Hersh / North by Northwestern


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