Poem: "In the Valley of Elah"
    Photo by michelleannb on flickr, licensed under the Creative Commons

    Let every fighting Israelite pay heed:
    Put down your swords and from this field withdraw.
    I am Goliath, Philistine, I gnaw
    The bones of mighty men. For deeds

    My fame goes far and wide — rivers recede
    Before my roar while Nature stands in awe
    As I shoot lightning from my eyes and draw
    The flesh of gods from mountainsides, and feed.

    I’ll crunch Jehovah underneath my heel
    And make you curse the day that you were born.
    Your wives, your daughters, all will I enjoy

    When you lie dead and cold and cannot feel
    Their warmth yourselves. And then, here’s what I’ll do:
    Your homes and way of life I will destroy.


    Your homes and way of life I will destroy —
    But what is this? A challenger, perhaps?
    A petty waste of time to be so coy
    Before they see their history relapse

    Into slavery. A twig that snaps
    In scorching fire is what this fellow’s spine
    Will be. He’ll live to feel his skull collapse
    And afterward no one for him will pine.

    How foolish! See? He’s armed only with twine.
    Perhaps he’ll throw a rock as well, as if
    I didn’t have a shield! This seems a worse design
    Than if he slung a baby at a cliff.

    Do tell me, dimwit halfling boy,
    What will that whirling twine that you empl —


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