Poetry Mondays: There once was a girl from Nantucket, and other stories

    In the Illinois County of Cook
    Depending on the places you look
    There are rhymes to be found
    And if they abound
    I’ll turn them all into a book
    There once was a prof from McTrib
    Whose manner was brusque and quite glib
    He said: When liberally writing
    Don’t bother fighting
    That urge to be balanced, just fib!
    A hard-studying student in Deering
    Possessed a very acute sense of hearing.
    What went on in those stalls
    He could hear through the walls
    So trips to the bathroom he was fearing.
    One morning down Sheridan Road
    Slunk a girl whose mind bore a load
    For the prince she had kissed,
    Liquor caused her to miss
    That he was really less prince and more toad.
    As some drunkards stumbled down Clark
    A figure emerged from the dark.
    Judging him scary,
    They chose to be wary
    His bite probably worse than his bark.
    As my psych grade hovered near worst
    Useless knowledge caused my head to burst.
    Those experiments were funny,
    But at least they paid money
    That I spent at Evanston 1st.


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