Political Union holds gun control discussion

    The Northwestern University Political Union tackled one of the nation’s current hot button issues in a forum Monday night: gun control.

    The featured speaker was Mike Weisman, vice president of the Illinois State Rifle Association. 

    After a brief presentation, Weisman opened the floor to questions and debate, moderated by Political Union Co-President Steven Monacelli.

    For Communication junior and first time Political Union attendee Max Baird, it was an opportunity to share his views.

    “I’m definitely the minority here,” Baird said of his pro-gun stance. “We as gun owners don’t like being legislated by those who don’t know what we do. I’m not going out to change anyone’s opinion. I’m trying to make them educated so if they remain anti-gun, they do so for the right reasons.”

    Political Union frequenter and Weinberg freshman Noah Star would typically find himself on the other side of the argument, but came for the same reasons.

    “I thought it was important to hear from a more official capacity about this issue,” the Weinberg freshman said. “It was heated at points but that only shows the passion for their causes. Anytime you get kids involved talking about things, thinking about them, it’s good for the movement.”

    Weisman agreed. “We have nothing to lose by sharing our viewpoint on this issue, especially with tomorrow’s leaders. Did we change anyone’s minds? Maybe not much, but every bit of discussion helps.”

    The event came the evening before a task force led by Vice President Biden will announce their recommendations to combat gun violence in the United States. Speculation about what the task force will propose, along with discussions on the Second Amendment, assault-rifle bans, mental health and the media’s obsession with perpetrators of mass shootings framed the discussion which had passionate supporters on both sides.


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