Poof! TV-B-Gone!

    Is your film professor trying to get you to watch Citizen Kane again? Well, now you can have some say in what the class can and can’t watch with TV-B-Gone. The keychain device can turn off almost any TV from a pretty sizable distance.

    I tried to think of some practical applications for this device, but there aren’t any. It’s only good for pranks. Imagine you’re at a sports bar and it’s playoff time, Jaguars @ Patriots. Tom Brady is just about to throw a winning 47-yard touchdown pass to Randy Moss. The pass is up. It spirals gracefully in the air. Seconds left in the fourth quarter. Everyone in the bar holds their breath in anticipation. It’s up…it’s up…and…all the TVs go off. Bar fights break out left and right while you slip out the back door. Classic.

    Or if you were Gizmodo at CES, you could have pulled off something even meaner.

    TV-B-Gone retails on their site for $19.99. However, I found that if you put in the coupon code “REDNECKS,” you’ll get 10% off. That must be one of their biggest demographics.


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