Progressive Alliance endorsements for the 2011 ASG elections

    The Progressive Alliance includes the College Democrats, the College Feminists, the Global Engagement Summit, NCDC, Rainbow Alliance, and SEED. Each member organization is like-minded in promoting progressive involvement on campus. Every year, these groups host an open debate in which candidates are given a forum to present their platforms and address issues which are important to members of the Alliance. Afterward, the member groups discuss the candidates and vote to endorse the ticket that will most effectively further their interests.

    ASG President and Vice President

    The Progressive Alliance endorses Austin Young and Ash Jaidev for ASG President and Vice President. We appreciated their recognition of ASG as a resource to help student groups. We believe Austin and Ash’s experience in ASG as well as their work throughout the larger student community will enable them to effectively identify and implement policies that cater to a comprehensive campus audience.

    The ways in which Austin and Ash would like to improve the Northwestern community such as leadership development workshops, special-interest roundtables, and dorm dialogues will all tangibly connect student perspectives to ASG. The Progressive Alliance supports Austin and Ash and recommends that they consider Matt and Jazzy’s action-oriented LGBT and sustainability initiatives in the future. We hope that these actions will hold the Northwestern administration accountable to its promises of hiring a Sustainability Coordinator and expanding LGBT resources. While Matt and Jazzy present an experienced and capable team, their emphasis on ASG’s responsibility to the administration minimizes the potential of autonomous student groups. We hope that Austin and Ash will drive ASG and other student groups to achieve as much through its own accomplishments and members as through the assistance of administrators.

    ASG Academic Vice President

    The Progressive Alliance strongly endorses Gabby Daniels for ASG Academic Vice President. We appreciate her willingness to integrate her past experience in this position with new and innovative ideas. She has demonstrated her ability to improve the academic environment at Northwestern through enhanced advising, responsiveness to student opinion, and mindfulness of action-oriented goals. We appreciate her platform’s inclusion of experiential learning and dedication to environmental sustainability. Looking forward, we hope Gabby is able to maintain her proactive approach to student academic needs.

    ASG Student Life Vice President

    The Progressive Alliance strongly endorses Katie Bradford for ASG Student Life Vice President. Katie’s prior experience in this position has demonstrated her ability to reconcile student life concerns with ASG. Katie demonstrates a dedication to sustainability through bike usage and alternatives to ground-flyering, and a need to engage students outside of the dorm setting. We are excited by her plan to improve the ASG-student group connection by appointing a Student Life Committee liaison to student groups on campus.

    - The Progressive Alliance


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