Project Runway Recap: "Reunion"

    This week was the reunion, or as I like to call it, keeping me waiting one more week until they announce the winner.

    Everybody was back, and the episode was pretty boring. The only reason I even watched was to find out the Fan Favorite, who wins $10,000. My money was on the super-huggable Chris March, and the other designers felt the same way. I wish Chris March could be my best friend, and we could sip martinis at an outdoor cafe with all his drag queen friends while discussing life and all it has to offer. He could also make my Halloween costumes every year.

    Apparently, nobody else agrees with me. “By a landslide,” as Heidi says, the Fan Favorite was Mr. Ferosh himself, Christian Siriano. And who presented the check but last year’s winner and my personal fave, Michael Knight. Or as he calls himself now, Mychael Knight.

    To be fair, Christian was totally in my top three for fan favorite, just behind the gone-too-soon gay superhero (come on, you know he looks like a superhero) Jack Mackenroth. So in honor of Mr. Siriano, here’s a YouTube video of the pocket-sized prodigy’s “fiercest moments.” Watch at about eight minutes in when Jack carries Christian around in a tote bag!


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