Project Runway Recap: "The Art of Fashion"
    Rami, you’re draping again? I’m concerned. Photo courtesy of Bravo TV.

    It’s the last runway show before Bryant Park, and tension is high. So what better place to calm down than an art museum? Each of the five contestants gets to pick a piece of art and create a look inspired by that. Overall, this basically came down to each of the designers doing what they always do. Jillian made a jacket, Christian made a puffy shirt and a vest with a high collar, Chris made a dress with a crazy neck thing, and Rami draped.

    This episode, not going to lie, was pretty boring. The only thing exciting about it was seeing who got to go to Bryant Park, so let’s get right down to it. Spoiler Alert!

    This week’s winner and loser. Photo courtesy of Bravo TV.

    Congratulations: Christian? Seriously? I didn’t understand how his look really wowed the judges. I mean, it was kind of fierce, but the only reason it was fierce is because he made the model look like himself. I mean, think about it, it was like a ferosh court jester, and that’s exactly what Christian is. But I’m not hating – he definitely wasn’t the worst in the bunch.

    Auf Wiedersehen: Sweet P, who kind of deserved it. I mean, the only thing “peacock” about the outfit was the hair, which totally doesn’t count. I felt bad though, because she seems like such a nice person. We all know from The Devil Wears Prada that nice doesn’t get you far in fashion, though. Maybe she should have done a few more pushups.

    But hey! Aren’t there supposed to only be three designers during the finale? Why yes! Rami and Chris both get to create collections for Bryant Park, but only one of them gets to show at the end. But anyone who knows Project Runway knows this is total BS, because all five of these designers got to show at Bryant Park so the media wouldn’t spoil viewers on the top three. If you want to see all five collections, go here, but prepare to be majorly spoiled.

    Adorable Moment of the Week: Chris tearing up when guest judge Roberto Cavalli, with an adorable accent, told him he had the potential to show in Paris someday. If you didn’t want to hug Chris already, this was the tipping point.

    Next Week: It’s a reunion show, and things look catty! Also, we find out the fan favorite. Fingers crossed for Chris or Jack!


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