Puffins, your friends when things get rough

    I see by the sea of Facebook status updates that the first day of classes caught a lot of people off-guard. I’m sure a lot of you are feeling rough, especially after realizing how horrible that art history class really is. You know who else has it rough?


    Puffins have always had to play second fiddle to penguins. Penguins have had roughly a billion beloved films made about them, while all Puffins get isThe Swan Princess. Everyone loves penguins, but puffins… all they receive is a passing glance and their own wheat-free cereal.

    So hopefully we can kill two …uh … birds with one stone by giving puffins their time in the sun while also cheering up all you classed-out students. Enjoy these puffin videos.

    Bonus puffin picture!


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