Puppy yelps out something

    If you glance over the “Pets and Animals” page on YouTube right now, you’ll notice a lot of screenshots of the dog featured in the video below. The video, as you’ll see after my long-winded intro, features 13 seconds of a dog whining really loudly. But people don’t hear the annoying screeching of a puppy…they here something more. Do you hear anything in this?

    Some speculate the pup is shouting “Elmo,” as in every four-year-old’s favorite puppet. Others hear yelps of “out,” as in let me out. Some hear Rhianna’s “Umbrella.” One astute YouTube commenter notes that, if you believe in reincarnation…

    “According to myth when an animal is born and able to yelp it’ll mutter a word which according to believers is the last word they said before they died.”

    Thanks! Listen in, and decide for yourself. Or just focus on the dog, he’s pretty cute. Though he’s suffering.


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