Q&A: Picking the brain of the opposite sex
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    Nobody lives on Mars or Venus, but sometimes it feels like a plane ticket is necessary to figure out what the hell that cutie in Chemistry is thinking about (because you certainly aren’t thinking about bonding — at least not the nuclear kind). When that Greek god or goddess smiles at you, what does it mean? Does he or she want to be friends? Something more? Or do you just have something stuck in your teeth?

    Decoding the differences between the sexes can be as hard as finding a date at Northwestern. Three guys and three girls dared to answer our questions on dating and relationships and here are the results.

    Guys take the stand.

    Can a hookup ever turn into a relationship?

    Jake Martin, Communications sophomore: “Yes. For me, most of the time [you] can’t turn it into a relationship, but it could if the girl you hooked up with is a girl you’d date. It also depends on if you’ve spent a significant amount of time with her before as opposed to you just met her that night and hooked up with her that night; she’s probably not someone you’d want to date.”

    Joe Sipkins, Communications freshman: “It definitely can, has and will continue to do so. I think meeting someone randomly can easily turn into a hookup but if you’re interested in that person it can turn into something more afterward.”

    Matt Pacult, Communications freshman: “Yes. I can give my friend as an example. They just started hooking up and then it evolved into friends with benefits and now, I’ll give it maybe one month before it’s a full-blown relationship. It’s not the best way to start a relationship, for certain.”

    What’s the best way for a girl to approach a guy?

    Jake: “Eye contact and a smile is all a girl really needs.”

    Joe: “I hate to enforce clichés, but probably not a slutty approach, more like a lady on the street type of thing will probably be better at catching a guy’s eye.”

    Matt: “Not be intimidating. Just be friendly.”

    What is most attractive about a girl?

    Jake: “I’m a weird dude. It really depends on the guy.”

    Joe: “It really depends on the circumstances in which you meet them. If you meet them in a party setting, you want them to be social and interactive, while not being obnoxiously eye-grabbing. While, on the other hand, if you meet them in a class you probably want them to have some intellectual understanding. It’s going to be their looks that initially catch your eye, but you need to be able to talk to them and have an emotional connection for something more to develop.”

    Matt: “I like girls who are really interested in movies. I mean, I’m a film major so it makes it easier to get along and talk about stuff.”

    Girls speak up.

    Can a hookup turn into a relationship?

    Catherine Tomasulo, Weinberg junior: “Yes, but not necessarily. While most people don’t hook up looking for a relationship, I have several friends who are proof that it can turn into one. Sometimes you end up really liking the other person and having a connection; maybe it’s even someone who you have a lot in common with — traveling in the same circles, same school, same classes, etc. You never know.”

    Sarah Marcincin, Weinberg freshman: “Yeah, I definitely think a hookup can turn into a relationship because it initiates interaction between two people. They will be more open with each other and start hanging out more, hopefully leading to a relationship.”

    Julie Santella, Weinberg freshman: “Sometimes a random hookup can lead to something more, but generally guys approach girls they want to hook up with much differently than girls they want to date. Hookups usually don’t lead to relationships.”

    What is the best way for a guy to approach a girl?

    Catherine: “I don’t see why approaching a girl has to be a big deal. As long as the other person is self-confident and charming, just go up and start a conversation.”

    Sarah: “I don’t think you need a cheesy pick-up line unless you know you can make the girl laugh. I say just walk up to her, introduce yourself and talk a little. From there on you will be able to tell if there is any chemistry.”

    Julie: “The best way to approach a girl is to be nice but not too nice (not creepy). Be genuine and be yourself.”

    What about guys drives you wild?

    Catherine: “I want guys to have a good character, personality and brains. Of course I want a guy who is handsome and preferably athletic, but the most important thing is that he be genuine.”

    Sarah: “Hmm, the description of a guy that ‘drives me wild’ would be great personality and can make me laugh. Physically, I would say tall, brown hair and athletic.”

    Julie: “Curly hair.”


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