Q&A: What's your most memorable kiss?

    What do Northwestern students do as extracurricular activities? And no, not the type that involve political debates, rehearsals or this lovely publication. First base is a great way to start, and usually memorable, whether it is sweet, awkward or hot.

    “Probably my first kiss. My boyfriend at the time took me out to eat and after we left he took me out to the parking lot and he stopped the car. He came around to my side, opened the door and kissed me.” – SESP senior Veronica Maxam

    “My most memorable kiss would have to be the best kiss I’ve ever had — not exactly exciting circumstances, but 6 a.m. on Dillo Day… on my friend’s couch. But best kiss ever. Maybe it has to do with the caliber of the kisser or compatibility, but it was damn good.” – Weinberg senior Justin D’Ambrosio

    “First kiss. I was in the fourth grade in a back room and I told her I needed to tell her a secret, but I kissed her instead. Then she had to tell me a secret later that day, too.” – Weinberg junior Justin T.

    “It’d have to be my first kiss with my first boyfriend at school. It was really nice and sweet…it was awkward because we were really young. And it didn’t last very long. It was quick but very memorable.” – Weinberg freshman Judith Landeros


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