Rainbow Brite
    Gray shirt: Goodwill, light blue shirt: from a family friend, pants: community thrift store in Michigan, shoes: Vans, bag: Goodwill. Photo by John Meguerian / North by Northwestern.

    You’re not in any of your Facebook profile pictures. Why are there only pictures of a rubber duck in random places?

    I created a Facebook for the first time over the summer because I was trying to find a source for a story I was working on. I randomly put the duck as my profile picture because I didn’t think I’d seriously be using Facebook. I got the duck for 50 cents out of a vending machine in Wal-Mart when I was in seventh grade and I used to joke with my friends that it was going to take over the world. I guess I just kind of prefer having a picture of a rubber duck out there for the world to see rather than my face.

    What’s unique about your style?

    I usually only shop at thrift stores, because of that I don’t wear the same things as everyone else. And it might just be the hair.

    What’s the story behind the hair?

    In middle school my cousin and I talked about all the cool things we would do to make ourselves look awesome. Then I just wound up dying my hair different colors, and I like it so I keep doing it. One of the drawbacks is that people used to always stare at me and give me crazy looks.

    Have you ever seen Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind?

    The last time I saw it, I realized that I’ve dyed my hair every color that [Clementine] did. Not purposely, the first time I saw it I maybe had one color that she did, but the next time I was like wow, I’ve really come far.

    What are your main accessories; what can you not leave the dorm without?

    Sweaters and weird socks. Also this bag; I like it because it has the Clash, and I got it for a dollar. It feels like it’s made out of a t-shirt. When you wear a purse, you don’t want it to be a huge, crazy bulky bag and you feel like a mom. It’s nice because I can keep my camera in it.


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