Celebrating Rainbow Week 2015
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  • For Rainbow Alliance's excursion, students went to Beatnix, a vintage costume store in Boystown.
  • Rainbow Alliance’s staff members and many other participants at the barbecue promote kinship after an LGBTQ+ week scheduled with various activities.
  • Weinberg freshman Sarah Bier looks at the covers of sex technique guides.
  • Members of Rainbow Alliance gathered around the rock to put finishing touches on the rock.
  • Medill freshman Katie Pach helps paint the rock.
  • The final rock is painted with “Make America Gay Again.”
  • "I've been to previous Rainbow Alliance organized events the past few years and this year definitely has the largest turnout." says dual-degree Beinen and McCormick student Kyle Walcott.
  • One of the events of the week was a mixer, where participants played games such as one where students passed around Skittles and answered corresponding questions based on the color.
  • Bienen junior Nick Wagner paints the rock as other members of Rainbow Alliance help illuminate it with their cellphone flashlights.
Photos by Jackie Tang, Jimmy Yook and Lim Li Keen / North by Northwestern

Rainbow Alliance, Northwestern’s LGBTQ+ student group, had a week of events from Monday to Saturday leading up to National Coming Out Day on Sunday. To celebrate various identities, the student group planned painted the rock, held a candelight vigil, hosted a barbecue called "BBQueer" and planned an excursion to Boystown. The events were programmed to let students know more about the LGBTQ+ community at Northwestern University.


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