Recapping Dance Marathon 2016
    Photo by Eunice Lee / North by Northwestern

    With a grand total of $1,202,216 raised, DM surpassed its total for last year, in the process giving $920,057 to DM's primary benificiary, Blessings in a Backpack. While the physical pain and bodily exhaustion may linger into reading week, we've got the highlights of NBN's 30-hour coverage to remember the high points of DM 2016.

    • NUDM 2016 raises $1.2 million for beneficiariesDance Marathon again demonstrated it's effectiveness as the largest student-run philanthropy in America. Bringing in more than a million dollars, dancers closed Block 10 knowing their dancing made an impact.
    • Sex or Shower recap: You guessed it: NBN asked DM dancers whether they'd rather have sex or shower throughout all 30 hours. Check out our recap for detailed analysis.
    • DM haikus: It takes rare skill to command the mental prowess to write a haiku for all 10 DM blocks. Yet that's exactly what one writer did, each block more challenging than the last. Revisit the deterioration of one man's mental state in poetry form here.
    • Reliving Block 10: It's the moment everybody lives for: Block 10. Relive the excitement of the final fundraising total with our video recap.
    • Q&A with a DM foot massager: You learn some surreal things from a DM foot masseuse, such as, "My ideal foot is somewhere in between a sorority girl and marching band, because the sorority girls have more manicured toes, but the marching band feet have been through a lot, so they have a good rustic, hardy quality to them." Other stuff, too.
    • Dance MemeathonBlock 2 was supposed to be a glorious celebration of all things meme. Yet NBN's own "meme correspondent" left the tent shaking his head at the half-hearted meme costumes he observed. Don't miss his biting commentary. 
    • GoPro-ing SandstormLong a DM tradition, "Sandstorm" lived up to its reputation as a moment of racuous dancing during Block 8. 

    Craving more coverage? Check out the rest on NBN's DM 2016 blog here.


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