Rhymefest, Super Mash Bros. announced as final two Dillo Day Acts

    Hip hop artist Rhymefest and mash-up group Super Mash Bros. were announced as the last two Dillo Acts Tuesday.

    Chicago-based Rhymefest, born Che Smith, co-wrote Kanye West’s “Jesus Walks.” His 2006 album Blue Collar features the single “Brand New” and a reworking of “Build Me Up.”

    “Rhymefest is more hardcore while Nelly is more mainstream,” said Katie Halpern, Mayfest co-chair. “He’s more edgy. It’s very raw.”

    Super Mash Bros. were previously speculated to be a Dillo Act according to concert dates on JamBase and Pollstar.

    “They’re always in high demand from students according to our polls,” said Michael Gebhardt, Mayfest co-chair. “We’re happy to have them.”

    The order of the artists will be Battle of the Bands winner Looney and the Tunes, Regina Spektor, Guster, Battle of the DJs winner Practical Tactical, Rhymefest, Super Mash Bros. and Nelly.

    Mayfest said they always strive for a variety of artists in the lineup.

    “It’s a very well-rounded lineup,” Halpern said. “This is one of the first years I can remember that we’ve had a truly balanced lineup.”


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