Roe v. Wade celebrates its 35th birthday. Coat hangers, anyone?
    “68,000 women in countries where abortion is illegal die each year from abortion complications.” (Photo by Tom Giratikanon / North by Northwestern.)

    Listen to the conversation:

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    If the first thing you thought when you saw the coat hangers dotting Sheridan Road on Tuesday was, “Oh God, what is Searle up to now?” don’t fret: They were actually part of an installation by the College Feminists supporting legalized abortion, in honor of the 35th anniversary of Roe v. Wade. In the opinion section’s first roundtable podcast, we discuss whether the hangers worked, or if they just made us feel squeamish like that scene from Cider House Rules.

    This is the College Feminists’ first annual Choice Week, but when we originally sat down to record our conversation, none of us had any clue who put up the display, since there was no credit taken on the hangers. Co-director Stella Fayman later confirmed that the group was responsible and explained by saying, “The hanger evokes a lot of feelings in people because it represents such a radical means of what a woman might have to go through if abortion was illegal.”


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