Safdari's action "not an impeachable offense," says ASG statement

    The ASG Rules Committee issued an official opinion Wednesday stating that the articles of impeachment for Academic Director Muhammad Safdari were rejected because he is “still fully capable of performing his duties.” The ASG Rules Committe had unanimously decided Tuesday that Safdari would not face an impeachment trial.

    Though the board deplored his actions, his conduct did not ultimately interfere with his ability to work with students and administrators to look out for Northwestern’s academic interests, the opinion stated.

    “We the judicial board believe there exists a solemn need to observe the discrepancy between these two indictments,” the opinion also noted.

    Senate Speaker Samir Pendse echoed the statement, saying, “The whole point was to say, it’s not an impeachable offense.”

    Articles of impeachment were brought against Safdari after an e-mail he sent spread unintentionally around campus on April 17, the morning before polls opened for a run-off election between presidential candidates Bill Pulte and Mike McGee. Safdari’s e-mail called Pulte’s campaign tactics “extralegal,” and asserted the importance of supporting McGee.

    “I pretty much knew this was a huge mistake when I sent it out,” Safdari said.

    The articles of impeachment charged Safdari with attempting “to unduly influence the outcome of an election.” In the run-off election, Pulte received 40 percent of the votes. McGee won with 60 percent.

    “I hope we can convey we’re more than happy to get feedback from students,” ASG Parliamentarian Grace Adamson said, concerning the decision of the Rules Committee. “We should tailor our actions to meet the needs of the student body.”

    If another charge aside from impeachment is to be brought against Safdari, it would have to come from the senators or the students, Pendse said.

    “We’re focused on moving forward,” he said. “We’re focused on being productive and making tangible improvements for student life.”

    Adamson said her plans as parliamentarian include rewriting and clarifying election guidelines so that “everyone is on the same page as to what is and what isn’t appropriate,” she said.

    Safdari also said he’s moving past his mistake, and looking forward to working with administrators and the student body.

    “I hope the next time you hear about me, it’s because I’ve gotten stuff done, not because I’ve caused some big scandal,” he said.


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