Save the lobsters

    The other day NBN ran an interview with Erica Hart, the president of Studio 22, about a film she was heading up. One of her stories from the set focused on a dozen lobsters the crew ordered for the movie, and ended tragically in the death of three crustaceans. Most people reading this interview would laugh and move on to the next number, but a cute animal fan like myself (who happens to not dig the taste of lobster, which makes this platform much easier to adopt) was mortified at the tragic deaths of this trio of sea creatures.

    Well, enough I say! Just because lobsters fill up our dinner plates and appear in our RTVF films doesn’t mean we can simply ignore them. Lobsters can be just as adorable as any other animal on this planet! OK, that’s a stretch; there are much uglier creatures living under the sea. So, to spread pinch-y awareness, watch some videos of “cute” lobsters. Let’s start this off with a cat battling a lobster to a weird pirate-y version of the Imperial march in the background.

    There are a lot of “cat meets lobster” videos on YouTube.

    No more cats, you say? What about a dog meeting a lobster? OK, this shelled beast looks more nightmare-inducing than cute.

    In doing research for this post, I’ve discovered way too many videos of people just boiling lobsters. Why would anybody want to watch someone cook their dinner? Anyway, on a more pleasant level, here’s a video of people and their pet lobster.

    Finally, protect the lobsters so kids like the one in this video will still have a crustacean to freak out about.


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