Self-taught summer
    Illustrations by Geneve Ong / North by Northwestern

    Learning to code or program is quickly becoming a desirable skill in the eyes of future employers. Careers from journalism to engineering can benefit from the knowledge of one or more of the web “languages” in use today. Codecademy is an interactive website with step-by-step tutorials on multiple coding languages, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP. As a bonus to interactive and engaging courses, all of the tutorials on the site are free.

    ¿Habla Usted español? Sprechen Sie Deutsch? If you’re considering traveling this summer, Livemocha can help you brush up on your high school Spanish or take a crash course in a completely new language. The online tutorials are taught by native speakers and combine writing, speaking and vocabulary-building activities in 38 available languages to build proficiency. All basic content is free, with paid Livemocha tutors available for more advanced one-on-one lessons. 

    Finals week comfort food catching up with you? If your summer workout plans lie beyond walking distance to SPAC, there are plenty of online fitness regimens, including CrossFit. It offers workout routines, training demos and nutrition guides. While some of Crossfit’s courses require a registration fee, most content is free. As an added motivator, there is a message board for encouragement, tips from the CrossFit community and games to elevate competition to a new level. 

    Photo editing 
    Whether you’re looking to pad your resumé or just edit beach pictures of your friends, learning Adobe Photoshop comes in handy. Adobe Labs offers many online video tutorials for Photoshop and other Adobe products. Using the website’s tutorial builder, users can download step-by-step guides from other users or upload their own.

    For students who are inept in the kitchen but want to expand their repertoires, Hilah Cooking offers step-by-step YouTube videos for everything from margaritas to corn dogs. An Austin-based actor, comedian and singer, peppy host Hilah Johnson has 60,000 subscribers to the videos, which aim to teach inexperienced chefs and include recipes with simple ingredients and easy-to-follow instructions. With new videos uploaded twice a week, viewers won’t quickly run out of new dishes to try.


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