Send Silence Packing raises awareness of suicide on campus
  • Most backpacks in the Send Silence Packing exhibit were the students’ own, with their stories attached.
  • Weinberg junior and Active Minds member Jenny Joyce stands ready to greet students entering the exhibit.
  • Send Silence Packing is especially impactful due to its immense scale.
  • If desired, students can share their own stories in the exhibit.
  • John Dunkle, director of counseling and psychological services (CAPS) was present as both a participant and source of support.
  • Weinberg sophomore Ethan Dlugie browses the exhibit reflectively.
  • Advice and encouragement was posted throughout the exhibit to promote dialogue and positivity towards the subject of mental health.
Photos by Sam Schumacher / North by Northwestern

Active Minds’ national exhibit Send Silence Packing came to Northwestern on Monday, September 28th with the purpose of raising awareness of suicide on campuses across the nation. 1,100 backpacks were spread out across Deering Meadow interspersed between signs telling students where to find help and what to do if they have depression or suicidal thoughts. Appearing in the Midwest and California, Send Silence Packing works to promote a healthy dialogue about mental health and works to make sure no student stands alone.

To learn more about the event, watch a video here.


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