Senior DM dancer didn't quit, despite crutches

    Jessica Pollack during Dance Marathon

    Jessica Pollack proudly brandishes a crutch at the front of the Dance Marathon tent. Photo by author / North by Northwestern

    Weinberg-Bienen senior Jessica Pollack fractured her leg training for a half marathon, but she won't stop dancing.

    "It's been really strange, but everyone's been really nice," she said. "The other dancers are really encouraging."

    The injury happened during an everyday run just a month before DM. Pollack opted out of the half marathon last weekend but she said she immediately knew she couldn't quit DM "or I'd be super sad, so now I'm just really excited." This is Pollack's first time dancing, and as a senior it's her last chance to do so before graduating.

    Pollack has been using crutches to maneuver about the crowded tent. Her injury is classified as a stress fracture, so if she didn't wear her plastic boot, it would fracture completely.

    "I've been dancing a lot like this," she said, waving her arms back and forth, crutches tucked under her arms.


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