All this week, NU celebrated Sex Week, a time devoted to one of biology’s most sought-after actions, intercourse. We here at Netplay have been stockpiling all the naughty Internet media (no, not that) we could find in the past week, and present now a very large and pleasurable post for all interested parties.

    (Note: The innuendo is only going to get worse. You’ve been warned.)

    First off, here is a lovely list of sexy facts you may not have had crammed down your… brain yet. Some decent stuff, including the history of the vibrator and the always-pleasant topic of genital mutilation. Hope you haven’t peaked out yet, we’ve just begun!

    (Sorry, I’m not going to run out of material.)

    Now, a lesson in how important a commodity sex can be. The polar opposite of getting it on is probably logging on to World of Warcraft, but, lo and behold, the two intertwine at long last. According to this article (which is in some exotically erotic language known as “Spanish”), a woman sold her body for one night of pleasure in exchange for enough video game gold to buy a legendary mount (writes itself). So, next time you need to buy some rockin equipment for your Level 70 paladin, just head to the Red Light District!

    (Almost done… I swear… I’m not faking it.)

    OK, this next one is pretty bizarre/graphic, so tread carefully Internet soldiers. Sex Week may be most important for these guys, who do something called “Air Sex.” You know, before Guitar Hero, how you’d have to pretend to play a guitar using only your hands and your imagination? It’s kinda like that, but a lot more disturbing. Basically, these girlfriend-less Japanese men compete to see who can have the best sex — with air molecules. This segment is part of the British program Japanorama, hosted by some Brit with a funny voice. Here’s the link. Remember, I warned you. We live in a sad, sad world.

    Was this post as good for you as it was for me baby?


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