Sheil aims to start Catholic conversation with new campaign
    “We Are Shiel”
    Courtesy the Sheil Catholic Center.

    This article is corrected from its original version; see below.

    Northwestern’s Sheil Catholic Center kicked off its “We Are Sheil” campaign Wednesday to coincide with Ash Wednesday and the beginning of the Christian season of Lent.

    The campaign's website is a joint effort of Sheil and Mark, the marketing branch of Northwestern’s Institute for Student Business Education.

    The project aims to better acquaint the Northwestern community with the students who make up the undergraduate fellowship group, according to Weinberg sophomore Monika Buska, who serves as account executive for Mark and director of We are Sheil.

    The launch coincided with Ash Wednesday, the highest attendance day for Northwestern students at Sheil. Father John Kartje, chaplain and director of Sheil, said the idea for the campaign is two-fold.

    "It sparked from our desire to make Sheil’s presence better known, and to integrate faith into everything the students do in their lives."

    The newly-launched website features member bios and information about ways to become involved with Sheil. Weekly blogs from active members will also be available.

    Before and after Wednesday’s services, a photo slideshow played and members handed out buttons to inform church-goers to the website. Students can also visit the campaign’s Twitter and Facebook accounts.

    "It’s so much more than just where you go to Mass," Buska said. "It’s a vibrant community."

    CORRECTION, Thursday, 1:30pm: An earlier version of this article incorrectly stated that Monika Buska was an “accounting executive” for Mark. Buska is actually an account executive for the organization. The article reflects the change.


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