Shepard paints the Rock, disses Willard: Nov. 23

    The Men and Women of the Wool strike, and they strike like adders. Students of Shepard Residential College painted the Rock this week in a stab at their res college rivals in Willard.

    The Rock, covered in cotton balls, resembles — in some vague way — Shepard’s terrifying mascot, the sheep. The wall in front of the Rock bears their fearful message: “Wuck Foo.” Whatever that means.

    This is just the latest happening in Shepard and Willard’s storied war. As a former Willard resident, I can remember early morning drum sessions in Shepard hallways, a Shepard-led shaving cream attack on Willard’s doorstep and a midnight water battle at the Rock.

    If history is any guide, the revenge shall come swiftly. And it will be weird.


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