Sheridan construction to last until mid-Nov.

    Photo from Google Earth. Illustration by Nick Castele / North by Northwestern.

    Students tired of last year’s Harris Hall construction eyesore will have to wait until winter for the Caterpillars to clear out, now that the City of Evanston has begun construction on south Sheridan Road.

    The construction will come to a halt in mid-November, said Andrew McGonigle, a facilities and management construction director who serves as a middle-man between Evanston and the university.

    Sheridan Road traffic is now limited to one northbound lane from Clark Street to Foster Road. Southbound drivers who wish to use the Norris parking lot must take a detour onto Sherman and then Elgin Road.

    Phases one and two of the project are scheduled to end in mid- to late October. At that point the city will open a lane southbound at the junction between Chicago and Sheridan roads, restoring direct access to the Norris parking lot.

    Parking prices will remain the same, despite limited accessibility to the Norris lot through almost all of the first semester.

    “If you can find a way of [reducing prices], I’d love it,” McGonigle said. “My understanding is that this doesn’t affect the campus, so prices will stay the same.”

    Commuter students looking to park elsewhere can use the two large lots next to SPAC or the smaller lot across from Tech.

    The school has cleared and opened lots behind and by Elder Hall to handle the rush of students moving in during Wildcat Welcome Week.


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