Sig Ep national organization resets chapter

    Following a quarter-long alumni review by the national organization, Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity officially disaffiliated all members of the Illinois Lambda chapter. The chapter currently has no active undergraduate members on campus and will not participate in winter recruitment this week according to a press release from the Interfraternity Council on Tuesday night.

    IFC received "mixed reports" of an unauthorized Sig Ep chapter off-campus making bids to unaffiliated freshmen. Northwestern, IFC and Sig Ep's national headquarters do not recognize this so-called "Off-Campus Sig Ep" and will not recognize or validate any bids made to its potential members. Instead, the statement read, "We strongly suggest that these men consider joining another IFC recognized chapter."

    Read the whole release below:

    "As has been reported by The Daily Northwestern, there are no longer current active undergraduate members of Sigma Phi Epsilon at Northwestern. Thus, no one is allowed to join any version of Sigma Phi Epsilon/Sig Ep (on or off-campus). The organization is not participating in the IFC recruitment process this week.

    We have received mixed reports that allege that unaffiliated freshmen have joined the “Off Campus Sig Ep” Chapter on Monday night. This “Off Campus Sig Ep” Chapter is not recognized by Northwestern University, the Interfraternity Council, and Sigma Phi Epsilon National Headquarters. This group will never be recognized by any of the previously mentioned parties and thus any and all bids are not recognized. We strongly suggest that these men consider joining another IFC recognized chapter.

    Sigma Phi Epsilon representatives from headquarters are currently on campus and any questions about the chapter and its future standings should be sent to Sheehan Walker at Any questions about fraternity recruitment can be directed to Dominic Greene at"

    Read more about Illinois Lambda's disaffiliation.


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