Slow-motion birds

    We don’t feature nearly enough birds on this blog and slow motion is pretty sweet (I could watch this video for days), so lets watch some videos of the two combined. I saw several “birds in slow-motion” videos on YouTube today, so lets take a look at the best few, starting with a sparrow.

    This is even cooler. A gull diving into the ocean.

    Somewhat predictably, there are a bunch of clips of slowed down hummingbirds online. Cliche, but cool nonetheless.

    Ever wondered what a parakeet sounds like in slow motion? Now you can!

    Finally, for all you people turned off by birds, how about slow-motion dogs? The music video (titled, conveniently, “Birds”) for French electro-group Vitalic’s “Poney Part 1″ has all the puppies moving slowly you could ever want.


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