Slurpin' shandies

    Your first beer: an essential rite of passage for the college drinker. Though it usually happens long before stepping on campus, few find love at first sip. You can fake it ‘til you make it, but bared teeth and beer breath don’t make an attractive match. Purists will say nay, but until it pleases your palate, try mixing a few of these beer cocktails — a lush’s delight!

    Photo by John Meguerian

    Irish Car Bomb
    3/4 pint of Guinness stout
    1/2 shot of Baileys Irish cream
    1/2 shot of Jameson Irish whiskey

    For an Irish treat, fill a shot glass with Baileys and Jameson and drop it into the Guinness. You can’t nurse this drink, though. Finish it fast before the beer’s acidity causes the Baileys to curdle.

    Pink Panty Dropper
    12 cans of beer
    1 bottle of vodka
    7 cans pink lemonade concentrate
    1 bottle of tequila (optional)

    A party favorite, best served in obscenely large amounts. Use regular lemonade if you don’t like your beer pink — served plain, it’s called the “Strip-and-Go-Naked.”

    1/2 glass of beer
    1/4 glass of orange juice
    1 shot amaretto liqueur

    Pour beer and orange juice into a glass — about two parts beer to one part juice — leaving room at the top. Drop the shot of amaretto into the glass and drink up.
    May not be lunch appropriate.

    Flaming Dr. Pepper
    -3/4 shot of amaretto liqueur
    -1/4 oz. of 151 proof rum or Everclear
    -1/2 glass of beer

    Fill a shot glass 3/4 full with the amaretto and add the rum or Everclear on top – you’ll need a high proof liquor to light it. Fill a glass about half-full of beer. Light the shot (note: don’t bother if, due to previous beverages, this proves tricky). Drop the shot into the glass, watch it fizz up and drink.
    Variation — Root Beer Barrels: A much simpler version of the above; just fill a shot glass with root beer schnapps and drop it into a beer stein. Make sure it mixes and chug it down.

    -1 lime
    -2 dashes of Worcestershire sauce
    -1 dash of Soy sauce
    -1 dash of Tabasco sauce
    -black pepper
    - 3/4 glass of beer

    Mix the Worcestershire, Tabasco and soy sauces with a dash of pepper and a squeeze of lime. Pour the reddish mixture at the bottom of a glass and add a light beer on top — pick a Mexican one for authenticity. Salt the rim and add a lime slice; feel free to add additional salt and lime to taste.


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